Flag Information

Flag Information

Made in The USA

Flag Construction
Anything else is just a banner on a stick

We use a single layer of RipStop fabric: a light-weight, durable nylon, to create flags that won’t tire you out after a five-division show. The RipStop material is very resistant to runs and tears even if the flag gets snagged on a fence. Also, the material is water resistant so it doesn’t get heavier on a damp, foggy night. This is the same fabric used in parachutes and hot-air balloons. But, please remember to keep it away from hot headers, since the nylon is prone to melting.

Our two-color flags are made by sewing two pieces of fabric together then cutting away the unwanted portions. This way your checkered flag is not much heavier than a single color flag and you don’t have the stiffness associated with silk-screening. Also, your “Passing Flag” will not look like it has a green stripe when the lights are behind it.

Flag Sizes

Our standard flags come in three sizes: 25″ square, 25″ x 30″ oblong, and 30″ square. We now also offer 20″ x 25″ and 20″ x 30″ flags on a special order basis. All sizes are the same price.

Here are a few guidelines:

For most oval tracks in the quarter-mile range, we recommend 25″ square flags. For most half-mile tracks and larger, we recommend 30″ square flags. For those of you in the middle, the 25″ x 30″ flags are a nice compromise. If you have a larger track, but the flag stand is a little tight on elbow room, the 25″ x 30″ flags allow you to see a little more flag without beating on your assistant.

Flag Attachment

Many of our customers have told us how pleased they are with our method attaching the flags to the staffs.

The flags have a white Cordura casing which attaches to wooden dowels with Velcro so the flags won’t go flying through the air when waved, but allowing easy removal for washing. The heavy-duty Cordura material and our “bullnozed” dowels combine to reduce wear and tear at the top of the casing. Reinforcing thumb pads are placed at the bottom of the flag for added strength and grip.

Cleaning Your Flags Is Easy

First, remove the flag from its staff by loosening the velcro inside the casing from the velcro on the dowel. Then grip the casing material in one hand and the staff handle in the other and firmly pull them apart.

Second, machine wash the flags in warm water on a gentle or permanent press cycle. If you need to clean marks off the casing material, rub a pretreating product (such as “Spray ‘n Wash” or “Shout”) into the dirty marks with a scrub brush. You can wash all of your flags together–the colors do not run. You can even throw your Dynamic Racing Flags bag in with them once-in-a-while.

Third, tumble dry on low heat for about ten minutes. DO NOT IRON! Excessive heat may defeat the water proof coating.

Finally, reattach your flags to the staffs: Roll a piece of paper or plastic bag in a shallow cone over the hook portion of the velcro on the flag staff. Then slide the flag over the staff and cone and pull the cone out from between the velcro parts. Squeeze down on the velcro and they are ready to wave again.

What Size Flag Do I Need?

The short answer is “It depends.” It depends upon the preference of who is waving the flag. It depends upon how big your track is. It depends upon how “tight” your flag stand is. It depends upon how far from the track the flag stand is and how well it is lit.

It also depends upon the ability of your starter: Bryan Howard has used our 25″ square flags for the last several years at a Memorial Day event in Speedway, Indiana and they are plenty visible.

Flag Staffs
All of our flags include wooden staffs.

For our standard staffs, we have been able to find the highest-quality hardwood dowels that are manufactured in the U.S.A. They are very resistent to cracking or breaking. This is not what you will find at your neighborhood do-it-yourself center. The dowels are rounded at the top (“bullnozed”), the handle section is sanded for a smooth grip, and the sharp bottom edge is beveled for better comfort and to make it easier to put the flags back in your stand.

For 25″ square and 25″ x 30″ flags, our standard staff is a 30″ long 5/8″ diameter dowel; 36″ long staffs are available at no additional charge. For 30″ square flags, our standard staff is a 36″ long 5/8″ diameter dowel.

We can offer up to 48″ long and/or 3/4″ diameter dowels for an additional charge to cover extra material costs and shipping weight. EXAMPLE: if you want to, or can, wave a flag on a 48″ long 3/4″ diameter dowel, the dowel is available for $4. Also, please note these are not the same quality as our ‘standard’ dowels.

While we strive to ship your flags “ready to wave,” not everyone prefers our wooden staffs. If you have different plans for staffs (aluminum, PCV, etc.) and don’t need us to provide the wooden staffs, we will be happy to ship you just flags and the velcro attachments for your staffs–and we will discount your shipping charges accordingly.

Please indicate your special needs in the comments section when checking out or Contact Us.