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There has been a changing of the guard as we approach the twentieth year for Dynamic Racing Flags. Gay and Tony Otto are handing the reigns to the flag business to their niece/cousin Michelle Sears. Like Tony, Michelle was born into The Racing Family as the daughter of and sister to drivers Duane and Kirk Sears. Excellent customer service has been the primary goal that our customers deservedly expect. Of late, Gay and Tony have not been able to keep up with the day-to-day operations of the business to any level of satisfaction. In addition, Tony’s day-job started getting much more exciting and much more demanding of his time and energy. Tony and Gay are happy to know that Michelle will continue their focus on the highest quality flags, Dynamic Racing Flags, Designed by Starters for Starters, as well as the customer service you all expect. Though Tony has unofficially retired from the flag stand and is no longer in the operational details, rest assured he and his Mom will continue to be interested and watchful of our racing community.

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